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If you want a sweet snack, mix up a fruit salad with fresh apples, grapes, peaches, strawberries, mango and pineapple.


It's nice to lose weight, but what's the point if you look drained and unhealthy? That's where vitamins come in to play. Vitamins are essential to good health — they can increase your metabolism and actively increase your weight loss. When going forward with any kind of weight loss program, your body needs a foundation of nutrients — which can be obtained using a multivitamin. Multivitamins are intended to be taken in an effort to supplement the diet with vitamins and minerals that are not being acquired through food.
 It’s very important to choose a multivitamin which provides all of the essential vitamins and minerals, which are included at amounts that provide 100% of the recommended daily values. These nutrients play a variety of roles in supporting a healthy immune and cardiovascular system: promoting strong bones and skin health, maintaining normal metabolic functioning and healthy tissue growth and repair, among many other benefits.
 To name some specifics, vitamin C is a multi-faceted nutrient primarily known for its antioxidant benefits and strong role in immune health. It has also been shown to promote normal levels of cholesterol as well as normal platelet activity. A deficiency in vitamin C has been associated with fatigue. Also, vitamin C is critical in the proper absorption of iron — another nutrient critical for optimal health.
 Vitamin D is another nutrient that should be a part of any multivitamin. Americans are deficient in vitamin D, and this deficiency can lead to a number of health concerns in bone health and immune function.
 Ideally, multivitamins should be delivered in a way where little nutritive value is lost, making the absorption of nutrients highly efficient while delivering maximum results. So make sure you are starting off on the right foot and taking a multivitamin to ensure your body has the proper basic nutrients to be at its very best!

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I will never forget being a college student, coming home freshman year after gaining a few pounds, and vigorously waving to my family as I pulled into the driveway for a visit.
My younger brother did not greet me with a “hello” or a “how have you been,” but rather, “Wow, you have bye-bye arms,” code for, “your arms jiggle when you wave.”
I’d like to share my favorite exercises for bye-bye arms (also known as “bat wings”) that require little equipment to strengthen, tone, and build lean muscle so waving bye-bye is a breeze!
1.Pullups. Don’t be alarmed—pullups aren’t as scary as they sound, and you can start small with one or two at a time and do more as you build strength. You can do pullups in a doorframe bar, easily installed for little money, or you can use gym or playground equipment. Pullups don’t just work your arms; they also strengthen your back and core, making other exercises and work-and-home tasks much simpler. (Check if your gym has an assisted pullup machine where you can rest your knees on a platform and adjust the level of “help” you get from the platform while pulling your weight upwards.)
2. Pushups. Pushups are great because they require no equipment and little space. A lot of women think pushups are not for them—FALSE! Pushups, even modified ones, work your entire upper body and provide optimal results in strength training—male or female. Start out with 5-10 at a time, and increase as you increase your strength. (The most I have gotten up to is 30 at a time—what about you?)
3. Chair pushups. Find a sturdy kitchen-style chair and sit. Put your arms behind you and scoot your derrière forward, out of the chair. With your hands on the edge of the chair, lower and raise your body, still in a seated position, using just the strength of your arms. Do 10 reps x 3, and increase your reps as you increase your strength.
4. Triceps lift. This one requires either free weights or a heavy, dense object like a dictionary or bag of rice. (My favorite weight is 10 lbs since I am using both hands together to lift the one object.) Hold the weight high over your head, arms fully extended, then lower them behind your head until your arms are at a 90 degree angle, bent at the elbow. Raise your arms back up. Do 10 reps x 3, and increase your reps as you increase your strength.
5. Triceps Swing. Lie on your back with your knees raised. Take a weight or heavy, dense object in each hand. (I prefer 5-8 lbs in each hand.) Raise your right arm high and straight, and extend your left arm behind you, parallel to the ground, but not touching it. As you lower your right arm, raise your left arm, alternating which extended arm is up and which is down. Keep your arms straight. (Special tip—the slower you go, the more your muscles will be worked!)
Try these five easy exercises, and wave bye-bye to bye-bye arms!

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Always in a rush? For most, the answer is YES, which makes finding the time to prepare a healthy meal difficult. When you’re hungry and short on time, microwave dinners are a common go-to.
Choosing a microwave dinner that will support your healthy eating is not always easy. Below are my tips for what to look for when buying microwave dinners:
Protein — When comparing meals, choose the one with more protein. This will help keep you full for longer, and hopefully prevent mindless snacking come 10PM!
Fat — Look for meals with 5g of fat or less.
Carbohydrates — When evaluating your choices, choose the meal with the least amount of carbohydrates. This will help to prevent blood sugar spikes and keep your body in fat burning mode.
 Thankfully, TLS Weight Loss Solution offers nutritionally balanced and portion controlled Entrées, a perfect choice when you’re short on time. These entrees are created with low-glycemic eating in mind — something many prepackaged meals on the market don’t consider. They are designed to keep your blood sugar stable, enabling your body to stay in fat burning mode and keep you full for longer.
TLS Entrees are a delicious and filling option when you’re in a rush and want to keep your waistline trim.
Check out how TLS Entrées stack up to other products on the market:

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Are you looking for an extra edge in your weight loss journey?  A lot of people have already figured out a secret, that’s actually not so secret.  In fact, the answer lies right at your fingertips…
A study in the Journal of Medical Internet Research found that participants who utilize the tools on a weight-loss website were far more likely to achieve significant weight loss than those who don’t.  Those that entered their weight at least four times a month lost 11 pounds per month MORE than those who did not.  Also, those that posted at least one message on the message boards lost over 3 pounds more than those who did not.
You might say, “people made weight entries only when they were losing, and not gaining, weight”, and that therefore the results of the study became skewed.
Not so fast— it turns out that over 70 percent of research subjects posted at least 1 instance of weight gain over the course of the study! This indicates that it was not selective reporting that was responsible for these results, but rather the opposite. By forming the habit and establishing the routine of regular online reporting—as well as interacting with the online community—participants were able to develop their discipline, strengthen their resolve, and most importantly, persist in their efforts.
In the words of lead researcher Kevin Hwang, M.D., M.P.H., “The findings suggest that, if used in a certain way, an online weight loss program can be effective in producing significant weight loss by helping people keep track of their weight.  Some people who want to lose weight but avoid a scale for weeks on end can be engaging in a form of denial that can hamper weight loss.”
The TLS Slim subscription offers both of these features, along with many, many others.  Why not take advantage of the tools at hand?  Get the most out of your weight loss journey with this easy, proven method!

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Iron is one of the most important nutrients for women of reproductive age.  Many women around the world suffer from anemia related to iron deficiency.  As iron is necessary for the production of heme in blood, and that heme is necessary for the proper transport of oxygen throughout the body, it is no surprise that low iron can not only affect our health but also our physical performance. Proper oxygen utilization is necessary for good muscle performance — which means it is necessary for strong skeletal muscles, lung performance and a healthy heart rate. Data from animal and human studies support the fact that low iron levels can impair physical performance.

The results of a new meta-analysis (Journal of Nutrition, 2014) of 22 studies showed that supplementing with iron was associated with increased  maximal and sub-maximal exercise performance,  better oxygen consumption (VO2 max) and a lower heart rate.  This information is especially important for female athletes of reproductive age who are often at greater risk for low iron. This is due to altered diets which can be deficient in iron, subclinical inflammation, and increased demands on the body for blood to supply working muscles and their recovery.  

The findings from this study reinforces the need for female athletes and programs dedicated to promoting female athleticism, as well as programs that promote the needs of women in general, to focus more on encouraging diets adequate for iron needs and the use of supplements that contain iron.

To read more on this study:

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