Success Stories

TLS was my solution because it’s not a diet!

Meghan  D before
Meghan  D After

Meghan D

Weight Lost: 31 lbs

0% Body Fat

For as long as I can remember, I was always aware that I was “the chubby one.” I was outgoing and always laughing but inside I was terribly self-conscious of how I looked. When I went to college I gained the freshman 15, and 30, and 40. I tried other programs like Weight Watchers and failed miserably. My senior year in college my Mom joined TLS and blew me away with her results. Like me, she struggled her entire life with her weight, and she was shedding pounds and inches right before my eyes! I saw how amazing she felt and looked and how much energy she had and I was so inspired. I knew it was time for me to join in on the fun! TLS was my solution because it’s not a diet. Through journaling and education I changed my whole way of living. I started to not only want to lose pounds and inches, I also wanted to treat my body better. Before TLS I was embarrassed of myself. I would always hide in the back of group photos because I didn’t want anyone to see how big I was compared to everyone else. Now, just 12 weeks into my new lifestyle I am bursting with smiles and confidence! I wake up every day feeling like I am ready to conquer anything life may throw my way!

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